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They say many of the druids are still in the Emerald Dream. Only a handful of Druid of the Talon are even known to be awake, and until the Gate to the Outland opened, only Druids of the Claw were able to work with, and for the Alliance.

Chrysanthis is one of the young druids awoken, out of time and place, having been a loyal follower of Malfurion,the world she found herself in was changed. With no memories of what had happened, she struggled to find a way in this changed world.

Druid of the SwampEdit

Forced to travel to Azeroth from Kalimdor to learn Malfurion's path, she vowed to return. The dwarves Explorer's Guild fascinated her, as did the humans who clung tenaciously to life anywhere there was space.

Upon hearing the stories of the human's struggle to protect the very world, she followed deep into Duskwood and beyond; finding a frontier world with Netherguard on the far side. She vowed to help these plucky humans, and did so, returning night after night to pull wagon load and person from the very earth they were lost in, and burned her paws in the ashes of Draenor spread across the Blasted Lands.


Druid of the Swamp, Stormwind Hand of Cenarius, Cenarion Legion Officer of Shattrath Skyguard Veteran of the Shattered Sun

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