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The Guide Itself

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to describing non-Human height, weight and age. Too often, when attempting to describe a character's height, weight or age, the creator is forced to resort to similes, describing the character's attributes in reference to humans.

For example: Redbeard is about the age of a twenty year old human.

We will assume Redbeard is a dwarf, due to naming and character selection process, and can safely assume he isn't a human. As such, there are two ways to read Redbeard's Age.

  1. Redbeard is roughly the equivalent, mentally and physically, to a human at twenty years old or
  2. Redbeard is an infant dwarf, because dwarves live significantly longer than humans.

It is safe to assume that the creator implied the first interpretation, but you can never be too sure on anything. The user would have had to describe it as human years because they probably simply did not understand how old dwarves are able to get or how they age in comparison. But because dwarves live longer than humans, it is an error to describe a character as such, because a dwarf at the physical and mental equivalent of a human at twenty will still experience and learn more than a human could within those spans.

In an attempt to prevent confusion, I will go ahead and list the ages and heights of each race, with the exception of Draenei. All information comes from the World of Warcraft RPG guides, or from Blizzard, unless noted otherwise.


Main article: Life spans

Below is the ages of each available race for creation. This excludes draenei, as they are thought to be immortal.

Race Adulthood Middle age Old Venerable Maximum lifespan
Blood elf 60 (or 110) 175 263 350 354-390 (or up to 2000)[n 1]
Dwarf 40 125 188 250 252-450
Forsaken None None None None None[n 2]
Goblin 20 40 73 85 75-93
Gnome 40 100 150 200 203-500
Human/Worgen 15 35 53 80 85-130
Jungle troll 17 30 47 69 70-79
Night elf 110 (or 300) 500 650 700 705-1200 (or up to 2000)[n 3]
Orc 18 (or 20) 40 65 80 82-100 (or rarely over 75)[n 4]
Tauren 15 (or 50) 75 95 110 114-150 (or rarely over 100)[n 5]


Average height for each race. If you wish to add, or subtract, a couple inches, feel free. Do not try to shave or add feet. Information here is taken from Wowpedia and World of Warcraft RPG.


Male: 6' (1,83m)
Female: 5'5" (1,65m)

Blood Elf/High Elf

Male: 6'1" (1,85m)
Female: 5'9" (1,75m)


Male: 5'11" (1,80m)
Female: 5'4" (1,63m)


Male: 3' (91cm)
Female: 2'10" (86cm)


Male: 4'11" (1,50m)
Female: 4'7" (1,40m)


Male: 7'5" (2,26m) (Upright)
Female: 7' (2,13m)

Night Elf

Male: 7' (2,13m)
Female: 6'8" (2,03m)


Male: 6'6" (1,98m)
Female: 6' (1,83m)


Male: 8' (2,44m)
Female: 7'8" (2,34m)


Male: 7'5" (2,26m)
Female: 7' (2,13m)


All weights are rough estimates; feel free to add or subtract as you wish. Please keep your character appearance and body structure in mind while deciding on your weight. (A blood elf [mostly for females] would be lighter than human of the same height, an orc the same height as a human would be heavier, esp because of muscle. Because of the different body structures, basing your character's weight on what the bmi would be for a human does not work well. )


Male: 160 - 280 (73-127kg)
Female: 125 - 245 (57-111kg)

Blood Elf/High Elf

Male: 118 - 175 (54-80kg
Female: 100 - 165 (46-75kg)


Male: 150 - 270 (68-122kg)
Female: 95 - 235 (43-107kg)


Male: 42 - 45 (19-20kg)
Female: 37 - 39 (17-18kg)


Male: 154 - 226 (70-103kg)
Female: 124 - 193 (56-88kg)


Male: 216 - 324 (98-147kg)
Female: 201 - 309 (91-140kg)

Night Elf

Male: 216 - 324 (98-147kg)
Female: 206 - 314 (93-142kg)


Male: 292 - 508 (132-230kg)
Female: 252 - 468 (114-212kg)


Male: 700 - 1500 (317-680kg)
Female: 500 - 900 (227-408kg)

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