Non-player characters (NPC’s) are additional characters which may be played by or referenced by more than one person as they don’t necessarily have a single player. They are minor characters which typically fill roles which assist player characters in order to contribute something else to a story line or to move a plot along in a particular direction when no other players currently have a character to fill that role or need.

There are three types of general NPC’s.

  • General staff / servants - They may be the general waiter at a busy tavern, a messenger who brought a letter for someone to read, and so on. In these cases the role is generally fleeting and momentarily brief, thus not requiring to be an actual character.
  • Offspring/ young children / family - they are characters which “exist” in the game but currently do not have a single player that controls them. For example, two people have a child. The child exists because it was born to the two people but no one is playing the infant as a character. That infant is then an NPC which is open to be played by the parents until a time where the character is played by another person as an actual character.
  • Actual Characters – temporary NPC – In these cases it may be when a player has two characters that would be in the same vicinity but because of limitations on generally playing only one character at a time (assuming someone is not playing multiple accounts) only one character can be physically present. If the general members also playing out a scene don’t mind, a person can “control” more than one character.

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