Carrigan de Saurn
Dor Shari Uphol; Otherwise Unknown
32 years
Woman of Battle; Warrior; Drunken Lady
Current Residence
Currently Unknown
Presumed Neutral
"Wot's tha'? Shake i' up, I'll make yah tipsy."

Appearance Edit

Sharp orange-brown eyes seem to be the most captivating thing about this woman, although she is not overall hideous; they are almond shaped and normally always watching what is going on around her, albeit sometimes dulling after having too much alcohol.

Her features are sharp as well, if not a tad harsh - an oval face, pointed chin, eyebrows that always seem to be furrowed down. It's not as if she looks unfriendly, not to some at least, but merely focused on whatever she happens to be doing.

Her hair is always changing: straightened, wavy, even a bun atop her pretty head. The color never seems to stay the same as well. What can be said, however, is that her hair is always neat and kept in good condition no matter what style she sports.

Her figure is curvy, quite curvy in fact, and she often shows off her busty chest by wearing a pirate's garb; she'll often flaunt her features if she feels it might help her case though she will get offended if you make any moves on her. She is tanned, no doubt from spending endless hours out in the sunlight, and fairly muscled for a lady though not to the point of disgust. She stands at a fair height of five feet, six inches and seems to weigh around one hundred thirty pounds.

Her voice and mannerisms are normally.. rude. She seems to have an accent, yet you can't really place what it sounds like. Perhaps Dwarven, but it is uncertain. She can normally be seen drinking quite a bit, but has built up a good resistance to getting truly drunk. She is prone to hitting people with rolling pins, though if you get on her good side, she is quite gentle compared to her normal countenance.

History Edit

(( Currently working on it..! More to come later. ))

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