Miss Caldryn Blythe


Cal, Callie
Enchanting and Alchemy
Vocal Range
Musical Proficiencies
Lute, Harp, Flute
Birth Place
Hillsbrad Foothills, Eastern Kingdom
Chaotic Neutrual

Work in Progress

skin deepEdit

Caldryn's easy posture lends to a jovial and relaxed image. And often, Callie is just that. She always has a story or song itching to get out, and greets all she can with a smile and a wave.

Her leather gear is light weight, green and grey, offseting her lightly tanned skin and hazel colored hair like the perfect frame around a picture. Which is just the way she planned it. Its not manipulative, more like careful planning, like any carefully preformed story or song.

She has a single silver sword on her belt, despite the fact she is trained in heavier weaponry. Cal prefers the lightweight sword so she has room for the lute, and flute, as well as her smaller traveling bags.

more than meets the eyeEdit


the story thus farEdit

history - work in progress

musical prodigyEdit

Her training from age 9 till 14 in the city of Dalaran before the Third War

third warEdit

Caldryn's turn on the battlefield as a warrior in the beginnings of the Third War.

after the third warEdit

Caldryn's move to Stormwind, and continuing her life as a bard first and a warrior second. Her dreams of a roving school for bards and musicians.

the presentEdit

How she currently scrapes out her living in Stormwind, preforming locally for tips and goods.

other little thingsEdit

tidbits (this may or may not be added/subtracted from after the history is fully written out.)

  • Writes music herself, though she rarely preforms original pieces.
  • Her parent's names were Andrew and Elizhabeth Blythe of Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • She is related to Recruitment Officer Blythe in Valiance Keep.

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