Cataclysm Update!Edit

==The Tavern is definitely still running, with Westly usually hosting. We may eventually be moving out of Shattrath since so many new places have opened up in Azeroth with all the developing!

Both Westly & I (Sindirallia) figure our schedules are going to be mellowing out by January so between now and January 2011, go ahead and whisper any of the Burning Tusk Tribe on Thursday nights in case it's been relocated!

Generally though, still plan on it being open Thursday nights at 9:30 in Shattrath! (for now!)

Seeking Talent!==

Calling all (Horde) poet-laureates, epic story-tellers, pet-trainers, comedians and beatniks!

The Burning Tusk Tavern's stage is ready and waiting for you to perform!

Bring your written words and share them in the spotlight on our fabulous stage!

And at 10 pm the Elite Tauren Chieftains play for us!

I reccomend making macros ahead of time to make it easier and faster when onstage, and bring any props you would like! (costume, fireworks, spells, whatever to enhance your performance!)

Let the free expression flow! ((PLEASE keep all material In Character! ))

Welcome to the Burning Tusk TavernEdit

WHAT: The Burning Tusk Tavern is open for business!

WHO: The Tavern is hosted by the fabulous Miss Westly & all of the Burning Tusk Tribe

WHEN & WHERE: Thursdays, Shattrath's World's End Tavern, 9:30ish - 11 pm server time

Basic Description: Fully IC Tavern / Open-mic night dinner club

Main Objective: Providing a weekly Fully-IC RP setting to mingle with ALL horde race

We serve foods & ales of all kinds, and we'll often have out a brewfest keg or two

There's no cost ((Though whoever is serving / hosting I'm sure wouldn't mind an occasional tip!))

All horde are welcome as long as you please respect your fellow roleplayers! Bring friends & guildmates!

The Burning Tusk Tribe asks that everyone try to adhere to the RP server rules as much as possible.

For example, Please remain IC (In-character) in /say, /yell, and /emotes.

We all share the general channel (and whispers) for ooc conversations!

Hope to see you there soon!

-Sindi Sunwing xoxoxo

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