Breetie StronghammerEdit

Breetie Stronghammer Breetie
[1]The Silver Shield
207 lbs.


Breetie is around your average height for a dwarf, with a long reddish brown beard. He keeps the beard neatly groomed, gathered and bound in a large mithril band. He carries some various scares but nothing extreme. His eyes are a steel grey that show a hardness over many battles, but also a deep seeded compassion for others.


Breetie carries both a gruff exterior with a kind compassion for others. He holds a deep distrust for most magic, and despises Warlocks. While he typically believes each person should be judged on their actions and not that of their race, he still feels most humans are to obsessed with power and long suspicious of elves. Breetie is a very honor bound person, though his thoughts on honor to not always coincide with others.


Breetie is the son Brantin Stronghammer and Luara Kindfeather. Breetie spent his early child hood in the Hinterlands. As a child his father moved both he and his mother to Iron Forge to be part of the Explore's Guild and was gone often out on digs and such. Breetie spent many of his days at the Great Forge and soon found himself as a apprentice to the local blacksmith.

Breetie's father was lost on the exploration to the north along with Brann Bronzebeard and it thought to be dead with in the frozen waste of Northrend.

The Stronghammer Clan is a small clan loyal to the Bronzebeard rule and well respected by Magni Bronzebeard. Though Breetie and Magni are not what you would call friends, their respect for each other has helped Breetie advance in ways within the Dwarven nation that would not have been normally possible (such as his commission as the Commander of the Sentinels of Azeroth). Though Breetie and Magni's pet project, the Explores Guild, have little love for each other as Breetie blames them for his fathers dissapperance and often is found in confrontations with High Explorer Magellas due to his refusel to supply any information about the lose of his father.

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