Breel SparkplugEdit

Breel by DismalTear

Fanart of Breel by DismalTear on

Appearance Edit

Breel is of average height for a male draenei, with a rather dull, gray hair that's usually set in two neat braids on either side of his head. He is actually rather plain, his dull colors doing nothing for his unremarkable complexion, but he doesn't seem too self conscious about himself. Except for his two neatly set braids and his habit of wearing brightly colored suits, he seems rather happy the way he is.

Personality Edit

Breel is almost constantly chipper and happy, having a habit of humming hapily as he walks around Stormwind or his current home of Ironforge. His good friends know of his love for small animals, and that he has many small pets. Even when told terrible news, he seems to find the bright side to things. A pure optimist, perhaps.

Past and Present Edit

When the Exodar crashed, Breel struck his head on the metal floor of the ship incredibly hard. His skull had cracked open and, for a brief time, his brain had been exposed to the air. Draenei priests had found him before he had passed away, thankfully, but Breel had been struck with deep and irreversible amnesia as a result.

Breel remembers nothing about Draenor, or anything else from before the crash for that matter. He has no idea if he has any family, when his birthday is, or even how old he is. Still, with no past, he's decided to make his future the best he could to make up for it.

Somehow or another, cooking has filled the void in his mind; it's really become the only thing he owns, the ability to create dishes from taste and sight alone. Over the past few months, he's delved in to it completely, and has even been reporting cooking segments for the nightly Gnews in Stormwind on occasion.

He's also studied the books and teachings of the Paladin ways; he's become a rather adept healer as a result.

On Febuary 14th, Breel married Yonli Sparkplug, and acquired the last name of Sparkplug. Despite the gnomish last name, Breel is quite pleased with having it.

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