Age: 80 years (human reckoning) 18 (elven reckoning)

Pronounciation: (BRAY-Tie)


Braitigh is still young enough to believe that looking good is more important than staying alive, so he can usually be found in somewhat stylish attire even in the most desperate of battles. This is a carry over of his defiance of what the general idea of what a Priest and follower of the Light is expected to be. He's most at home in a stylish vest and trousers then the devout and humble trappings of a robe and cap. His physical condition is also rather more developed than that of your average spell slinger and prayer tosser, this being another stab at the conventional as far as he's concerned. His skin showing a healthy tan and his limbs torso showing the musculature of a young man not unaccustomed to a good hard day's work.

Braitigh Skyblaze

What has Past Edit

The Priestly scholars of Sunstider Idle thought that no child brought to them was impossible to train in the ways of the Priesthood, that no will could not be broken to better serve the Sin'dori's best interests. The old codgers never counted on meeting a child like Braitigh Skyblaze. If it were not for his almost inherent ability to manipulate and direct the power of the Light to his own will, young Braitigh would have found himself kicked out of the ranks of the neophytes at Sunstrider Isle so fast it would have made Medhiv's head spin. As it was, the young boy spent more time explaining his latest prank or escapade to the head proctor then any other student combined. The proctors hoped that as time passed and the boy matured...that he would forsake his penchant for chasing girls and tomfoolery. The proctors had a very VERY long wait ahead of them. After learning all he could from his elders at Sunstrider Isle, and also exhausting their patience and tolerance for his antics, Braitigh left for the broader horizons and excitement that the world of Azearoth held for him. His first stop, the fabled city of Silvermoon.

WoWScrnShot 061409 022214

Its all a big misunderstanding!"

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