Event: Celebration

Location: Caer Darrow (outside Scholomance)

Time: Saturday, February 7th, 6PM

IC infoEdit

A grand celebration to be held on the island of Caer Darrow. The Light shall pierce the darkness on the shadowy isle, as gatherers shall celebrate, talk, dance and partake of drinks and food!

Join us and help break the silence, split the shadows, in a rousing celebration of lights!

Meet us on Caer Darrow on February 7th, at 6PM.

For further details contact your hostesses: Mrs Andulin Sunscorn and Mrs Celebrin Spiritglow.

OOC infoEdit

A party event hosted by the Burning Tusk Tribe! A light-hearted celebration for talking, dancing, drinking.

The theme of the event revolves around two hostesses eagerly seeking to teach you about the Light. Take part in that, or don't, there's plenty else to amuse yourself with at the event!

Contact Andulin, Celebrin, Jumwa and Anjasa for any further details.

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