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Ambassador Auste Ven'nar, the Explorer Edit

Physical Description:

Pale rose skin over her delicate fingers played well in the light of the room, as her digits grasped the belt around her waist. She bent forward to gather your attention,  glowing amber eyes that flicked with her druid energies staring right into yours. Stark white hair caressed her neck as it fell over her shoulder, the length well past her shoulders, to the lower of her back. Unlike most Kaldorei, Auste Ven'nar spoke with a fanciful voice that would usually come from a delicate lady.

Against her skin, her stark white hair seemed to blend, yet shine with a iridescent luster. Her face was diamond shaped, the curve of her own cheeks danced with two identical mauve facial emblems that resembled a rushing wave. They trailed on opposite directions, down to the jaw line. After she spoke with her unique voice, Auste stood upright to her full height. Absentmindedly she would tuck the hair that fell over her shoulder back behind her, almost annoyed at the length.

She held a spark, that was like someone whom you've known all your life yet never found. Her body type was that of a sentinel, athletic yet slender to maneuver. A dagger, was always at her hip. The one in question held a certain glimmer of magic around it. To one who understood magic, would notice that it was not of druidic nature, but something else.

Armor was something she rather wear at all times, yet on occasion you could see her wearing cloth robes and embellished shirts. If there was ever a moment you were close enough, you would see the scars that she held, in some visible spots. On her left upper arm, a burn that trailed down to the top of the elbow joint. The skin was not discolored, but was wrinkled in such a way that the cracks and edge seemed a few shades lighter of her rose skin.

Around the midriff, if Auste wore such to allow it, down in the central part of her stomach and chest held a deep vertical gash, that looked as if it was burned as it was cut. It stopped above her navel, and went northwards under the armor or shirts she would normally wear. Behind her, on the lower back, was another marking, but not a scar. The mark was that of a lupine skull, its menacing canine face cast downwards. Even with it being so dark on her skin, if one was to ask her about it she would most likely grin.

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