“I found it!” Silentkiss screamed as she dove out of the bushes, causing a gnome to run off in terror. Loosing her weapons seemed to be a common occurance these days, and the young night elf was convinced it was a rabbit. It couldn’t possibly be a defias thief or anything like that, nooo. It was a rabbit, and Silentkiss was determind to catch it and break it’s delicate little neck. Elwynn Forest, of course was full of rabbits, and every single rabbit that she spotted met the same fate as the last.

Silentkiss was pretty brutal against nature compared to the rest of her tree hugging kind, and she didn’t care. She needed no gods to tell her what was right, having no education on the matter of the moon goddess Elune and the like. Rogues didn’t need that magical nonsense in their training.

So there she was, waving a heavy steel dagger around the air with glee.

She twirled around a few times before running to the middle of path and stopping suddenly. Silentkiss twiched her greenish-blue nose as she stared at a little fluffy blot a few metres away from her position. She snarled and bolted off, jumping and landing on the rabbit. She viciously grabbed at it, successfully managing to get a hand around one of it’s brown hind legs. She cackled as she snaked her long fingers around it’s tiny neck. “Guess who’s getting a new pair of fur gloves tooooday!”

A group of human children stood behind the night elf as she twisted that poor rabbit’s neck. As it gave one final “squeak!” a little boy in the group whimpered while a girl started to cry. Silentkiss turned around quickly, still gripping onto the now limp rabbit tightly.

With a dagger in one hand, a dead rabbit in the other, it was obvious to the group that the elf wasn’t taking a morning stroll. One of the children ran off behind a tree while the others stood with each other, sobbing. Silentkiss stood there perfectly still, a perplexed expression upon her face.

She wasn’t about to tell a bunch of kids she intentionally killed the damn thing…not that they would believe it, considering they saw the entire event unfold. “Well, hey…kids…,” she finally managed to get out. The was a loud sob as yet another child ran away from the group crying. Silentkiss spoke again. “I think I might have hugged it abit too hard…with my…hand…” The children just stared at her silently, waiting for her to continue.

“W-well I definatly didn’t mean to kil-,” a wave of gasps interrupted her. Silentkiss shook her head frantically. “No no!! It’s not dead! See!?” She waved the dead rabbit around in the air. “See! He’s dancing!” The children weren’t as stupid as Silentkiss had hoped, and yet another chorus of crying began. Silentkiss once again tried to explain the situatuion with more frantic lies, waving the rabbit in the air and jumping up and down. Suddenly, a old grey pitchfork came flying in her general direction, just missing her by inches.

”Are you the dirty elf killin’ rabbits in front of my SON!?” screamed a bulky looking man, storming towards the group of children. Silentkiss yelped, falling over onto her backside roughly, She slid on her ass across the ground frantically in order to get away from the furious father. Managing to get onto her feet, Silentkiss sped off into the forest, not looking back until the man’s screams ceased. She collasped behind a tree, feeling almost as terrorfied as those children had.

A man with a pitchfork was a dangerous thing to mess with. Especially if you had upset his son with a dead rabbit. On the subject of rabbit, Silentkiss knew she had forgotten something. She looked around her person, searched her bags and then swore loudly.

Not only had she left the rabbit behind, but she had to go hunting for her dagger all over again. Silentkiss slumped against the tree and promptly started to sob.

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