A deep red leather-bound journal, about the size of a small textbook. The cover is written in emerald ink, including the author's name and title, "An In-Depth Look at Fel Magic." The illustrations are few and far in-between, and appear to be sketched without second thought. The text, however, is clear and elegant.
An In-Depth Look at Fel Magic
By Jacob Strecker


Thank you for procuring this book. I have been a warlock since my death two years ago, and in that time, I have seen many young warlocks, good- and ill-intentioned, fall to their craft. In this guide, I hope to explain the properties of fel magic, its uses, its side-effects, and anything else useful to the aspiring warlock or one having to deal with a warlock.
I can only hope that this guide is useful to you, the reader.

Jacob Strecker
Headmaster of the Vastrungen University
Dedicated to the students of the Vastrungen University
And my dear friends and family.

Fel Magic Properties

Fel, in its most simple form, is no more than a product of energies given off by demonic entities and 'normal' magic, such as arcane. This energy, known from this point on as simply 'fel,' is incredibly addictive, more-so than its "sister magic," arcane. Fel commonly manifests itself in a greenish fire, known as 'felfire'. The corruption of the arcane is, like many things corrupted by demonic energies, is due to demons' blood.


Addiction to fel, in any of its forms, is incredibly common. Frighteningly so, really, as fel is considered the most perfect drug of power-hungry individuals. Addiction to fel is not entirely dissimilar from other addictions; the user will likely go through withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, sleep loss, a loss of focus, and many others. Eventually, the addiction to fel will grow so strong that the addict in question will do anything to quench their proverbial thirst.

The most serious cause of addiction is direct consumption of demon blood, as its natural, and magical properties cause it to have a chance to leave anyone, regardless of how prepared they assume themselves, to be addicted. After the first drink, at least seven days is recommended to break the addiction.

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