---Colonel Alndar Falconblade, Stormwind City Guard 1st Regiment

Head of Internal Defense ==============================================

=-=-=The Colonel is an aging man in his late thirties, by immediate appearance. The soldier has run the first regiment for years, recently taking formal command with the retirement of ex-colonel Antegas Lemartes. Alndar is usually buisy with one thing or another, though takes time to handle things personally whenever possible. A perfectionist, the Colonel works with his troops individually, always trying to promote better preformance while also building relations with other groups.

=-=-=The Colonel holds a large array of awards and badges across his shoulder-peice and tabard. He keeps a trimmed dark brown beard, face lined with stress. When in uniform, Alndar keeps in standard-class enchanted thorium plate. A shield bearing the colors of Stormwind often rests at his back, a ornate two-handed sword locked in straps behind it. At his side rests a re-enforced standard blade, while a revolver is kept holstered to his other side. A small radio is clipped to his belt, same as all other guardsmen. When out of uniform, the Colonel is usually found dressed as a cowboy.

=-=-=Colonel Falconblade had been married with a young daughter until recently, when they were killed by orcish raiders in Redridge. He still carries his wedding band. He is very religious, praying often at the Cathedral of light by himself or with his soldiers. Even so, he is very weak in using the light, managing little more then an [avenging shield] or treating minor wounds. He is feircely protective of his troops and stands by those who earn his trust or respect without hesitation.

=-=-=His father had been Lord Darion Falconblade, one of Uther's generals in the silver hand. After serving time as a soldier and witnessing the destruction of Lordaeron and his home of Andorhall, he came south with the refugees to Stormwind under the training of Lord Shadowbreaker. Alndar immediatly entered the kingdom's armed forces, fighting pockets of remaining orcish resistance in the area.

After some years doing this, the soldier joined the guard specifically and rose in rank over time. Spearheading the defense of the Cathedral district during the scourge invasion with his troops many years later, he acheived formal recognization and took the position as head of internal defenses.

=-=-=Groups such as the Order of VII, the Syndicate of Chaos, and the Twisted have been fought against and in some cases shattered through successful operations led by the Colonel, now his focus on the Cult of the Damned. He and his officers are kept divided however, with the new hostilities initiated by the Scarlet March.

-Though untrusting of their political motives, Alndar is also a staunch supporter of the Council and the Court respectively.

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