This guild is no more and this page should be considered for deletion. There is no such guild on the armory.

Albatross Trading Company Edit

About Us Edit

The Trick... Edit

The Albatross Trading Company is a group of traders that transport goods across continents and to other cities. We sail on The Albatross throughout azeroth.

Of The Trade.. Edit

Behind the company is a network of thieves who get together in heists all around the world. Very secretive and subtle they are rarely caught as thieves nor is the identity lost. Fences and contacts are place throughout the world in order to keep a secret watch on who buys, who sells, and who could be the next source of income.


Few simple rules are set to follow: Its forbidden to steal from another thief, no matter how justified the cause. To kill one which we are not at war is to kill a brother, don't kill your brother. ((Never god-mod, this is punishable without warning)) We don't deal with demons or undead.

Contacting Us Edit

Finding a fence or contact is the first step to joining the company. If you are not invited by a fence, contact, or member its rare you'll manage to get in. YOU CANNOT GET IN DIRECTLY THROUGH A MEMBER. All recruits must pass through a fence first! After the fence or contact give blessing, you may start your initiation! Any questions? Send mail to Everin in game and out of character. BEING SUBTLE IS IMPORTANT! If your a warlock or a Death Knight, don't even bother we'll just look the other way. Or follow this website to us: [1]

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