Description Edit

Alabaster Hellbane


Formerly Human, Undead
True Neutral
Character Class
55 (At Time of Death)
Phabien Coldbringer (Wife), Edmund Hellbane (brother), Zerehedord Hellbane (son), Arahadord Hellbane (son), Leriqite Hellbane (daughter in law), Dathanar Hellbane (grandson), Shariadune Hellbane (granddaughter)

Alabaster was once a well known and respected arch mage. The Stormwind Nobel was slain by his wife and brother at the end of the first war in a fit of jealousy.

Decades later, while the Darksun Covenant war in power, the corpse of Alabaster Hellbane was reanimated by Lord Leramar Darksun. However, as Alabaster was the necromancer's first attempt, he was unable to bind the risen corpes' will to his. As a result, Alabaster had his own free will but no memory of his life. He identified himself as 'Inkognito' for quite some time.

Before long, he learned his true identity and the circumstances surrounding his death. As a result, he lashed out on Phabien - who was a member of Leramar's covenant - and left.

How was found in Outland by his brother in life, the death knight Edmund. Exacting his revenge further, Edmund warped Alabaster's mind, effectively reducing him to nothing more than bones. As a result, Alabaster lost his free will but was able to maintain what little memories he had collected in undeath. It wasn't long, however, before a more benevolent death knight stumbled upon him. Zerehedord took what remained of his father in out of kindness.

To this day, Alabaster serves his son in combat even though he has absolutely no obligation to do so.


  • Alabaster was originally a hypothetical character of Arahadord's back story that had no name. He was given a name from Arahadord's middle name - Alabaster.
  • For some time, Alabaster was played as an Undead Warrior on Thorium Brotherhood named 'Inkognito'.
  • In game, Alabaster is represented by Zerehedord's ghoul pet.

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