The diamond is massive - easily the largest and brightest she'd ever seen. Only a single flaw could be picked out within the gem's sparkling depths - even then, one had to know the ring as well as she to be able to find the tiny fleck. The setting is no less impressive - skillfully wrought by one of the most desired crafters in Silvermoon - the gold embracing the diamond, artfully curved metal seeming to grow out from the gem to form the base and the loop.

Sliding it off her finger for the first time in many years, Ahlai holds it up to eye level watching the sparkling shards of light it sends off with the regard a slave might give a collar. She could sell this. It would fund her stay here - it could fund the purchase of a new home or maybe even her own shop. She could set herself up very well even giving it up at half its worth. However, these thoughts are quickly tossed out and she removes from a tiny cloth pouch a simple gold chain. The links are a touch uneven and the craftsmanship is by no means on par, but it is sturdy. Sliding the ring onto the necklace, she allows it to dangle a moment before fastening it around her neck - the heavy ring resting just between her breasts.

Tucking it inside her robes she stands satisfied and a little more upright, her shoulders seeming less bowed. She's a new person now. This is a completely new chapter of her life. She won't forget the things she's learned - but build on them far from her gilded cage in Silvermoon and her plush tent in Icecrown.

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