Aedine Sunsinger
Blood Elf
224 pounds
Stablegirl for the Argent Vanguard
Lawful Good

Aedine, when compared to other Sin'dorei, is a good bit heftier, rather tubby in fact. A face that is somewhat round in the cheeks, but dainty nonetheless. Her body has taken a noticable apple shape, her paunchy tummy poking out over her waist.

Her skin, too, is quite different, being rather pale and smooth, though she clearly doesn't get a lot of sun, the soft features of her face are complemented with a hint of make-up.

Her blonde-coloured hair is lush and silky, obviously very well-cared for with its smooth, shiny appearance in a long ponytail that brushes the top of her shoulders.

With intelligent, clear, emerald green eyes she tends to meet passers-by with a sweet smile.

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