Jerann "Adisen" Arvo


Ex-Freelance, Currently Employed
Ex-SI:7 Field Operative
Current Residence
Neutral Evil

Mister Adisen ArvoEdit

Early LifeEdit

In the beginning,there was just a baby. A small, annoying, crying, baby boy. Born into a family of traders, the only education he earned was that of the caravans and towns he passed through. Stealing became routine and as he grew older, he learned the art of guile. Crossing the Stormwind area on a routine trading route, Jerann became separated from the caravan near the border to Stranglethorn. Needless to say, this was very, very bad. Unaware of the dangers that laid in wait for him, he went in search of the now missing wagon train. What he found was horrendous. The caravan had passed by a small village of Murlocs and well, they weren't happy about that. So one can only guess that the Murlocs raped and murdered the whole band of traders. Utterly disgusted, Jerann fled to the safety of Stormwind, where he finished his early life as a street rat.

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