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The following is posted within the capitols without fancy handwriting or decorations upon the parchment.

Stories. Myths. Legends. These reverberate through the generations and provide not only moments of entertainment in otherwise trying times; but also a window to the past in which they were shaped. Some have been forgotten, sadly, yet others have remained a driving force, passed between not only the generations, but cultures as well. Those that still remain, let them be shared and heard.

House Silvacce would be honored if its fellow esteemed members of the Horde were to join them again in taking the time to share and be heard. In an effort to promote this, the Silvacce will be hosting, with the grace of Warchief Thrall, an evening of tales, legends, and cultural talks regarding the Orcs at the Arena within Orgrimmar.


Event: “Tell me a story that means something to you and your people.” This is a chance to share a 5-10 minute (fully told) story or aspect of the highlighted culture.

Place: The Arena.

When: Thursday, May 21st.

Time: 7:30 server time until whenever the stories run dry.

Additional: This is open to everyone, and if you would like to be a featured speaker, please let me, or any officer of House Silvacce know (Sillrandir, Ariellea, and Xanni). You don't have to sign up to speak, but it would be helpful for thanks and gratitude.

Current Speakers: To see a better updated list, head to the thread link posted above.

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